John Atkin Walks History Research

The London Perambulator

"Each, they say, discovers his own London. I suppose there is no city that boasts so many discoverers, nor any city loved for so many different reasons so logically sustained nor any place to which visitors so various claim kinship. London in a sense belongs to all." Helen W. Henderson, A Loiterer in London, New York, 1924

If you are interested e-mail me and I'll add you to the list.

"To perambulate suggests a relaxed, unhurried and inquisitive stroll where destination or purpose is not particularly important. There can be no better way to observe and understand a city than on foot where the wealth of small detail and delight can only really be seen and appreciated from the perspective of the perambulator."

For those that have visited before or for those on their first visit, this tour is designed to show you a different side of London away from Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

In a series of unique walking tours over 5 days we will look at remarkable architecture, probably poke into one of the many Victorian cemeteries, and find out of the way bits of the city. There will be markets to explore, slightly odd museums to visit and a few surprises along the way.

Each day our group will set out by foot, bus or train to reach our starting point for the day's ramble and our walk will end near a specially chosen place for a late lunch and a pint.